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The Birth of

Battling persistent dry skin year-round, I discovered my daughters and I shared the same struggle. Despite testing various market moisturizers, none provided relief. Examining labels revealed common culprits: alcohol, water, and mysterious ingredients. Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands, researching and crafting skincare solutions for my family. The outcome? SKN OPM, a game-changer that revitalized our skin. We warmly welcome you to join us on this transformative journey! 


At SKN OPM, we hold the belief that the skin, being the largest external organ of the human body, deserves meticulous care and attention. Our mission is to assist you in achieving optimal skin health and well-being.


Our vision at SKN OPM is to be a provider of natural skincare solutions, supporting everyone in their journey towards healthier, vibrant skin.

Important Information About Our Products

  • For external use only - please note that all of our products are intended for external use only, and are made from natural ingredients.

  • Prior to using any new skincare products, we highly recommend conducting a patch test.

  • Additionally, please be cautious when using our products as they may cause surfaces to become slippery.

  • Allergies: Nut-Based Products

  • Please be advised that our products may contain or have been made in proximity to nut-based ingredients, and if you have any allergies, please take this into consideration.

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